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Utility Metals is the leading manufacturer of brackets, mast arms, light poles and custom solutions

Founded in 1955, Utility Metals has been making industrial, outdoor lighting brackets since long before the LED and energy efficient craze. Our brackets are compatible with most current fixtures, and the quality of our product speaks for itself.

What sets Utility Metals apart from the competition is our unique ability to deliver what you need, when you need it. Our state-of-the-art production processes, paired with industry-leading engineering capabilities, allow us to custom fabricate large custom specified orders while delivering premium quality products within normal production lead times. Passing this value and efficiency on to our customers, while maintaining consistent quality in our product, is why the top OEM manufactures choose Utility Metals as a premiere partner for their lighting bracket production.

As a commitment to our customers, Utility Metals is dedicated to continuous product improvements and innovation. Our quality processes, systems, and procedures meet strict ISO 9000 standards, and our dedicated team of lighting professionals is always here to help.